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English Pages of Czech Television


  • Welcome to the English Pages of Czech Television (CT), the public service broadcaster in the Czech Republic
Petr Dvořák

Petr Dvořák

General Director


Milan Cimirot

Milan CimirotChief Financial and Operating Officer

Milan Fridrich

Milan FridrichProgramme Director

Jan Maxa

Jan MaxaDirector of Programme Development and Programme Formats

Zdeněk Šámal

Zdeněk ŠámalDirector of News

Václav Myslík

Václav MyslíkDirector of Production

Ivo Ferkl

Ivo FerklDirector of Technology

Denisa Kollárová

Denisa KollárováDirector of Marketing

Directors of Television Studios

Jan Souček

Jan SoučekDirector of the Brno Television Studio

Tomáš Šiřina

Tomáš ŠiřinaDirector of the Ostrava Television Studio

Executive Directors

Hynek Chudárek

Hynek ChudárekExecutive Director, Sales

Vít Kolář

Vít KolářExecutive Director, Communication and External Relations

Tomáš Motl

Tomáš MotlExecutive Director, CT art Channel

Petr Koliha

Petr KolihaExecutive Director, CT :D Channel

Jiří Ponikelský

Jiří PonikelskýExecutive Director, CT sport

Barbora Smutná

Barbora SmutnáExecutive Director, Human Resources