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International Relations
EBU Executive Board 2015-2016 From left to right: Ken MacQuarrie (BBC/UK), Andrzej Siezieniewski (PR/Poland), Alexander Wrabetz (ORF/Austria), Ulrich Wilhelm, (ARD/Germany), Monica Maggioni, (RAI/Italy), Petr Fedorov (RTR/Russia), Jean-Paul Philippot (RTBF/Belgium), Cilla Benkö (SR/Sweden), Petr Dvořák (Ceská Televize/Czech Republic). Missing from the photo: Christian Vion ((FT/France), Faïçal Rachid Laraïchi (SNRT/Morocco)

International Relation, was established on July 1, 2014, with the goal of developing international cooperation of Czech Television and enhancing the position of Czech Television in international institutions.

The Department is responsible for bilateral agreements, communication and cooperation with the EBU and other International organizations and institutions.

Basic Facts about Ceska televize (pdf, 1,7 MB)

International Television Festival Golden Prague

Ceska televize is proud to present the International Television Festival Golden Prague (

ITF Golden Prague is a unique international festival presenting the world's best music and dance programmes and films in all musical genres. The prestigious international competition is accompanied by a videolibrary, premiere screenings, workshops and the Gala Awards Ceremony.

Past international events hosted/organised by Ceska televize

  • EBU Technical Assembly, June 2014
  • EBU News Assembly, November 2014
  • EBU General Assembly, June 2015
  • EBU Finance Assembly, September 2015
  • Workshop GEN (Global Editors Network), November 2015
  • EBU Voice of PSM, November 2015
EBU General Assembly EBU General Assembly Voice of PSM Workshop GEN EBU Finance Assembly EBU Finance Assembly

Upcoming international events hosted/organised by Ceska televize

  • High level meeting V4 Group, April 2016
  • Eurovision Connect, May 2016

Membership in international organisations

  • EBU European Broadcasting Union
  • PBI Public Broadcasting International
  • Circom European Association of Regional Television
  • FIAT/IFTA International Federation of TV Archives
  • BFA Broadcasting Fee Association
  • IMZ International Music and Media Centre
  • EDN European Documentary Network
  • EURONEWS, Eurosport

Contact for International Relations

Ms. Andrea Beranova

Head of International Relations

phone: +420 261 134 736