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International Relations

International Relations, was established on July 1, 2014, with the goal of developing international cooperation of Czech Television and enhancing the position of Czech Television in international institutions.

The Department is responsible for bilateral agreements, communication and cooperation with the EBU and other International organizations and institutions.

Contact for International Relations

Ms. Andrea Beranova

Head of International Relations

phone: +420 261 134 736

Past international events


The coronavirus on Czech Television

● CT is reacting flexibly to the situation which has occurred due to the spread of the coronavirus infection by making adjustments to its programs.

● CT deals with the current situation in depth using especially its news channel CT24 and also CT1, which is the channel with the highest reach.

● CT provides a complex coverage of the issue by broadcasting press conferences of the government, informing of the domestic developments and of the situation abroad; informing citizens in a concise way of the new regulations and recommendations made by the government and providing advice on how to comply with these.

● CT prepares special programs and debates attended by leading experts.

● The information is available not only during the broadcast, but also on CT’s website and on social networks.

● The CT24 website includes a separate CORONAVIRUS sub-domain reflecting the latest developments using online broadcast. Viewers can find here all kinds of information and advice including e.g. on how to make a drape at home.

● The CT24 news channel has created a public group entitled “CT24 pomaha” (CT24 helps) on its FB profile. Citizens may use this group to inform each other, to provide or get advice and to share useful instructions.

On Monday, March 16, CT launched a unique project entitled UčíTelka (“TVeacher”).

It is a special block of educational programs for pupils created in reaction to the closing of schools throughout the whole of the Czech Republic. Apart from UčíTelka, which is on in the morning, the CT2 channel offers an afternoon block of educational programs for upper-class school children. CT1 also broadcasts a special educational program on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Škola doma program (School at home) will help students studying for entrance exams to secondary schools and to special secondary schools for children aged 11.

The launch of CT3 – A third-age television: Czech Television is going to launch a channel for the elderly.

On Monday, March 23, Czech Television is launching a new channel called CT3. The primary goal is to help the group at the greatest risk, which is the group of the elderly who are currently forced to stay at home. The content of the programs will be calmer and the information will be provided in a way adapted to elderly viewers. The channel is going to broadcast daily from 9 a.m. to 5:25 p.m. The program offer will be based on the golden television fund, topical television magazines and basic information coverage.

Czech Republic postpones the transition to DVB-T2 due to the coronavirus pandemic

Ceske Radiokomunikace (Czech Radiocommunications) is suspending the final stage of the transition to DVB-T2. By the end of March, there will be no further switch-off of DVB-T broadcasting, as agreed by Czech Radiocommunications (CRA) with other relevant institutions and television stations. The change applies to all deadlines of the planned switch-off of the existing DVB-T broadcast and the retransmission of the DVB-T2 transition network to the final frequencies.


Czech Television has a representative on one of the most important EBU committees

The Legal and Policy Committee is a body elected by the Legal and Public Affairs Assembly.

Its general role is to promote and defend public service media in Europe and particularly vis-à-vis the European Union, as well as to establish and implement the EBU's European legal and public affairs strategy.

The committee analyses specific topics and makes proposals on sectoral strategy, it can also formulate official positions.


Dr. Simone Emmelius has visited Czech Television

Ms. Emmelius is a Senior Vice President, Coproduction and Acquisition, in ZDF. She is also a member of the European Alliance, its founding members being ZDF-Germany, RAI-Italy, and FTV-France. The European Alliance is mainly involved in the production of television series and looks for new co-production partners.


Petr Dvorak was, for the third time, elected to the EBU Executive Board

The EBU Winter General Assembly held on December 7, 2018, re-elected Director General of Czech Television Petr Dvorak to the EBU Executive Board for the 2019–2020 term of office.

Czech Television is thus becoming an integral part of the whole Union, joining the team of newly elected EBU President Tony Hall, Director General of the BBC.


Regional CEE Group meeting with the presence of Mr. Tony Hall, The Director General of the BBC

Czech Television, 26. – 27- 11. 2018

The representatives from 17 countries of Central Eastern Europe met in Prague on the 26th of November on the extraordinary meeting to discuss the current situation of public service television and radio and the conditions for their operation in the region.

The second part held in 27th of November participated the Director General of BBC, Mr. Tony Hall – Lord of Birkenhead who will stands as the EBU President from the 1st of January 2019.

Lord Tony met nearly all members of the CEE Group, which makes 41 % of the EBU member platform, and he tried to understand current needs and issue every single country has to face.


8th – 9th March, Digital Media Days, Prague

220 delegates from all over the world met at Czech Television to discuss new trends in digital media. The Conference Digital Media Days 2018 was organized by Czech Television in cooperation with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). The opening speech was made by the Director General of EBU, Mr. Noel Curran and the Director General of Czech Television, Mr. Petr Dvorak. While Thursday’s agenda consisted mainly of lecturing, Friday was dedicated to thematic workshops. Speakers from Great Britain (BBC), France (France Info), USA, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and Turkey participated at the conference.


Petr Dvořák re-elected director general of Czech TV

EBU Board Member Petr Dvořák has been re-elected as Director General of Czech Television for the next six years.

A total of 12 candidates presented their candidacy for the position of Director General of Czech Television. Five of them went to the second round. The Council of Czech Television elected Dvořák on 26 April in the second round of the election and his second mandate officially starts on 1 October 2017.

"The concept of Czech Television's development, which I offered to the Council of Czech Television, is based on two basic principles. The first one is continuity. Continuity in terms of the values promoted by Czech Television, in terms of financial and operational stability and openness to the outside world and the continuity of leadership", says Petr Dvořák.

"The second important principle is innovation. The principle necessary for Czech Television to be a modern medium relevant to contemporary society and, not only innovation in the field of technology, but also in the sense of a change of thinking, production processes or creativity and inventive production.

"I have a clear idea of where Czech Television should go and how it should evolve in all the main areas of activity and economy in order not to lose its independence and social importance. I am glad and I  appreciate that the Council of Czech Television considers this concept the right and viable path", adds Dvořák.


20th Sports Assembly

The Sports Assembly was held on 23-24 March in Prague (80 representatives from 38 EBU Members), where the joint Sports Legal Group and the Eurovision Coordinators Group also took place.

Mainly focused on the Sports Rights Strategy and the revision of the Sports Rights Acquisitions Rules and Procedures.


Inter-parliamentary Conference, PUBLIC SERVICE MEDIA and democracy, Hosted by the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic, 10. – 11. 11 2016

Over 100 delegates from 19 countries in Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) and beyond came together in Prague to discuss the need to protect the independence and sustainability of public service media (PSM) in the face of numerous challenges.

Public service broadcasters, Parliamentarians, regulators, diplomats, academics and experts from a range of organisations including the Council of Europe, Venice Commission, OSCE and the European Federation of Journalists, met for two days of debate on how to ensure PSM is allowed to operate and develop independent of political control.


53rd International Television Festival Golden Prague, 28. 9. – 1. 10. 2016

More about Golden Prague Festival.

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Participation in international projects

  • EBU Peer-to-Peer Review
  • EBU Contribution to Society
  • EBU Generation What?

Membership in international organisations

  • EBU European Broadcasting Union
  • PBI Public Broadcasting International
  • Circom European Association of Regional Television
  • FIAT/IFTA International Federation of TV Archives
  • IMZ International Music and Media Centre
  • EDN European Documentary Network
  • EURONEWS, Eurosport


Regional CEE Group meeting with the presence of Mr. Tony Hall, The Director General of the BBC Regional CEE Group meeting with the presence of Mr. Tony Hall, The Director General of the BBC Digital Media Days 2018 Digital Media Days 2018 Digital Media Days 2018 Digital Media Days 2018 Conference PSM and Democracy Conference PSM and Democracy Conference PSM and Democracy Conference PSM and Democracy Conference PSM and Democracy Director General’s CEE Group Meeting V4 High Level Meeting EBU 20th Eurovision Connect EBU Finance Assembly EBU Finance Assembly Workshop GEN Voice of PSM EBU General Assembly EBU Executive Board 2015-2016 From left to right: Alexander Wrabetz (ORF/Austria), Ulrich Wilhelm, (ARD/Germany), Monica Maggioni, (RAI/Italy), Petr Fedorov (RTR/Russia), Jean-Paul Philippot (RTBF/Belgium), Cilla Benkö (SR/Sweden), Petr Dvořák (Ceská Televize/Czech Republic), Ken MacQuarrie (BBC/UK). Missing from the photo: Faïçal Rachid Laraïchi (SNRT/Morocco), Christian Vion (FT/France)