Song Writers

Aidan O'Connor

Lyricist O'Connor lives in Dublin. He literally lives for Eurovision, having co-written twenty-five songs for the contest which have represented countries such as Switzerland and Malta. This year he and Sara and Christian have composed the song Golden, which finished in second place in the Maltese national Eurovision round and is a current number one on iTunes and Spotify.

"I've been a fan of the contest since I was a child and to be a part of it was my lifelong dream. I'm very pleased that the Czech Republic chose our team and I hope that we won't be disgraced in Stockholm. The lyrics of "I stand" are a strong personal statement. I'm very proud of the fact that it is being performed by such a talented person as Gabriela."

Christian Schneider & Sara Biglert

"Now, a year on, when I hear the song "I stand", it takes me back to the springtime when we composed it. From the outset it was clear that we had created something extraordinary. And such songs or feelings do not come about every day," remembers co-writer Christian Schneider on the creation of the composition.

They have been working as a team for fifteen years and run their own recording studio in Stockholm, where they jointly compose music and seek out young talented artists. They are the holders of multiple platinum and gold discs of Swedish artists, such as the composition For the Better from an album by Robin Stjenberger. Together with Aidan O'Connor they have more than ten songs for Eurovision to their name since 2013. "But "I stand" also has its dark side. The heroine looks back on the past when life was hard and she had to fight a lot. But the overall message is a positive one, full of energy and gratitude. Gabriela and her voice have brought the whole song to life. We're also delighted that we'll be appearing as the writer of a song which will represent the Czech Republic in the city where we live," adds Sara Biglert on their entry for the contest.