Eurovision Song Contest 2015

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Marta Jandová and Václav Noid Bárta

On hope that never dies

What does your participation in Eurosong mean to you? What sort of chance do you think you have?

Marta: It is an enormous honour for me. I lived half of my life in Germany, where Eurovision is practically a state holiday. :-) I hope we will convince people with our song, and that we will place well. We are both singers that had to start from scratch and make our way thanks to our own efforts and hard work, which is why we are, I would say, authentic. Hopefully Europe will appreciate it. :-)

Noid: This is the apex of my career thus far, right after my solo concerts at Karlín Musical Theatre, and I am extremely honoured to have been chosen as one of two participants.

Do you think that success in Eurosong is contingent upon the selection of the song, the charisma of the contestants, or the popularity of the contest in the given country?

Marta: I would say that there is no particular rule according to which you could win the contest. Each year, winners come from completely different genres, sometimes a group, pop one time, rock another…It most likely depends on the mood of the audience and the so-called "zeitgeist." What touches people the most, what creates an impression on them in some way…It can sometimes also depend on how the countries themselves feel about one another. :-)

Noid: I have nothing more to add to that.

What do you think Czech pop has to offer the European public? How is it the same, and how, on the other hand, is our domestic musical scene different from other European countries?

Marta: We live in a time of such globalisation that it is hard to say: this is from that country, and this is from another. Our song does not sound typically Czech. It's simply beautiful, and that's what makes music magical. It knows no borders. However, the musical scene in the Czech Republic does differ from that of, say, Germany. I have to say that it is often evident in the sound. Few bands emphasise this, which is a shame. However, we are on a path of improvement, and that's good, because our nation is extremely musical, and the opportunities and talent are there. A bit of megalomania in our musical work might be good. :-)

Noid: Our performance of a nice rock ballad. Other than that, I don't think our domestic musical scene differs that much from others around Europe.

What is your contest song about? Are you working on a Czech version of the song?

Marta: Well, since we are singing a duet, and we are a man and a woman, it is about love. What else could it be about? :-) So far, there hasn't been any discussion about a Czech version, but who knows? Let's leave it a surprise. :-)

Noid: The song is about hope that never dies. I think it is characteristic for our setting. I haven't yet thought about whether or not there will be a Czech version.

Do you know who you will be competing against in the contest? Are any of your favourites there?

Marta: I don't know very many of them, but I'm really looking forward to them all. I truly believe that we won't feel any sort of competitiveness between us. We will probably all be nervous. After all, all of Europe will be watching us. We will probably support one another backstage.

Noid: Unfortunately, I haven't scoped out the competition yet…

What words would you use to describe your music to Eurosong fans abroad that will be seeing you for the first time through this contest?

Marta: Rock music. In short: vocals, guitar, bass, percussion…

Noid: Rock/pop music with elements of film music.

Your performance will take place during the second semi-finals—who do you consider to be your strongest competition in that round?

Marta: It depends on the songs. It's hard to say. Sweden has strong songwriters, Iceland is magical, Poland loves music so they'll bring their A game, Azerbaijan has already won once, etc., etc…..We'll see. :-)

Noid: Like I mentioned before, I unfortunately don't know much about the competition.

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