The only solution is personal revolution.

documentary film by Nataša Dudinski, Taťána Marková

The film Revolution Girls tells the story of four Czech women of the '89 generation. Philosophy students in Prague in 1989, all took active part in a dramatic historic event, the Velvet Revolution, which brought down the Communist regime. The film explores the legacy of the revolution upon their lives almost twenty years later.

Though each of the women went her own way after the revolution, they all have retained some of the revolutionary fervour and still do whole-heartedly whatever it is they believe in. Jana, a member of the European Parliament, keeps trying to save the world. Alena writes one book after another, probing the past for inspiration that the free but confusing present doesn't offer. Alice, a successful if reluctant businesswoman, is channeling most of her energies into raising her three children, including an adopted daughter. Pavla has totally devoted her life to music and spiritual quests. At the same time, all of them try hard to find the right balance between their professional or personal fulfilment and family life, while dealing with partnership crises, divorces and new loves.

What's left of their revolutionary ideals? Have they succeeded to fulfill their youthful dreams? What can their stories tell us about the time and place they live in? And above all, what can the grown up revolution girls tell us about being a woman in today's world?