Vyzkoušejte si, co jste pochytili z mahárádžových lekcí:
1.I have been always interested new things.
2.I hope I am not allergic pollen.
3. the end of this street is a small bar.
4.It´s difficult to asleep during the day.
5.I am happy when the flowers are bloom and everything is green.
6.We have got only two pairs your size.
7.I am interested some shoes.
8.I have not been able at night for past 20 years.
9.I am still proud my garden in India.
10.I am crazy swimming, sunshine and nice clothes.
11.Don´t be afraid getting old.
12.I must take care my flying carpet.
13.He is meeting you.
14.We have to put our helmets in case we all fall down.
15.You have to take your Indian shoes.
16.I also believe honesty.
17.I want to be good sports.
18.Today I am suffering a horrible headache.
19.I only hope I will find your childhood.

Ještě si po sobě zkontrolujte všechny zvolené odpovědi a pak už jen stiskněte tlačítko