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English Pages of Czech Television

  • Welcome to the English Pages of Czech Television (CT), the public service broadcaster in the Czech Republic

International Relation, EBU Department was established in 2012 with the goal of developing international cooperation of Czech Television with its foreign counterparts and enhancing the position of Czech Television in international institutions. The Department is responsible for communication with international organizations and institutions including cooperation with universities.

Main contact

Petr Vitek

Manager of Technical Projects

phone: +420 261 133 226

In charge of cooperation with the EBU and other international organizations.

Contact for programme projects

Marketa Stinglova

Manager of Programme Projects and Alternative Financing

phone: +420 261 132 464

In charge of research and coordination of international coproductions and of cooperation on programme projects with the EBU; acts as guarantor of projects financed by the EU and other funds.