Na plovárně with Marek Eben

The TV talk show „Na plovárně“ („At the Swimming Bath“) has been appearing on the central Czech Television station since 1999.

The first parts of this programme were in the surroundings of the newly refurbished civil swimming bath in Prague, which explains the title of the show. Later, the shooting moved to the nice environment of the Avion Club. This is where our crew found excellent support and understanding for the needed quietness.

The shooting of one show is not restricted by a specific time and after its editing the TV running time is approximately 25 minutes. The programme has nothing to do with tabloid or investigative journalism. It is a pleasant and friendly talk-show with interesting people from all over the world. This is supported by the personality of the host, which happens to be a great Czech television star - Marek Eben. Marek is known as an actor, musician and commonly as a TV presenter. His pleasant and intelligent performance has gained him an immense popularity.