My last 150 000 cigarettes

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Smoking in context

Worldwide statistics

  • number of smokers worldwide: 1,3 milliard
  • every year is 4,8 million deaths caused by smoking (560 people every hour)
  • on average a smoker's life is by 15 to 18 years shorter than a life of non-smoker
  • about 50 % of smokers dies from smoking related diseases
  • more that 75 % smokers live in low or lower middle income countries

Statistics' prognosis: if the number of smokers grows at the current rate, there will be 10 millions death caused by smoking related diseases in 2020.

The Czech Republic

  • there is about 2 300 000 smokers
  • 26 % people over 18 let smoke; the rest are children and teenagers under 18.
  • over 20 milliard cigarettes are smoked in the Czech Republic in a year.

Tax profit

  • excise tax in the Czech Republic is about 45 milliard Czech Crowns a year; another 5 milliard comes from VAT
  • treatment of smoking related diseases costs about 80 milliard Czech Crowns a year; smoking increases the cost to health care system

Deaths from smoking related diseases in the Czech Republic

  • every year about 100 000 people in the Czech Republic die; about 18 000 of this number die from smoking related diseases - one fifth of deaths is caused by smoking
  • from these 18 000 people about 8 000 people die from cardiovascular diseases (heart and artery diseases), 7 000 people die from cancer, 2 000 people die from respiratory diseases (COPD, emphysema) and one thousand from others diseases
  • two thirds of people who die from smoking related diseases are younger than 65 years

Children smoking

  • 9 out of 10 smokers start smoking before they turn 18
  • on average the first cigarette is smoked at the age of 10
  • every day 100 children in the Czech Republic start smoking
  • children of parents who smoke are four times more likely to become a smoker that the children from non-smoking families

Smoking during pregnancy

  • about 12 % pregnant woman smoke
  • more than one third of pregnant woman are passive smokers
  • smoking increases the risk of miscarriage by 50 percent
  • smoking increases perinatal mortality rate by 50 %
  • smoking mother and child's passive smoking increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome 2,5–3,5 times

Smoking related diseases

  • the most of smoking related deaths are caused by heart and artery diseases (especially heart attacks, strokes and peripheral artery disease)
  • chronic lungs diseases are from three quarters caused by smoking cigarettes
  • the risk of diabetes is two times bigger for smokers than non-smokers


  • smoking increases the chance of cancer 25 times
  • smoking causes 25–30 % oncological diseases
  • 60 % bladder cancer patients are smokers
  • 30 % pancreas cancer patients are smokers
  • smoking increases the chance of cancer in oral cavity, in pharynx, larynx and oesophagus

Lung cancer

  • 90 % lung cancer patients are smokers
  • smoking increases the risk of lung cancer 13 times
  • 24 % smokers suffers from lung cancer
  • lung cancer usually comes after 20 to 30 years from the start of smoking, after 150 000 cigarettes the probability of getting lung cancers increases rapidly
  • 12 % lung cancer patients survives, about half of them start smoking again

Male infertility

  • smoking decreases the number of sperms by 22 %
  • smoking decreases the density of semen by o 15 %
  • smoking decreases the number of normally evolved sperms by 17 %
  • smoking causes 20 % of erectile dysfunctions

Overcoming the addiction

  • 85 % smokers are nicotine addicts
  • about 70 % adult smokers want to stop smoking
  • about 40 % smokers try to quit smoking every year; most of them unsuccessfully
  • on average only every fifth attempt to quit smoking is successful
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