My last 150 000 cigarettes

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The film My last 150 000 cigarettes shows political and commercial background of the most widespread addiction in the Czech Republic and also in the whole world. The director, who is trying to overcome his addiction to cigarettes for a whole year, visits during this time headquarters of tobacco corporations and also politicians. He wants to uncover the business behind this widely tolerated drug and the corporations' strategies in spreading the tobacco addiction further. He uses the form of infotainment to bring up the connections that the tobacco industry and politicians are trying to hide. Behind the personal story of the director we can see the vicious circle of the business with human weakness.

The director Ivo Bystřičan:

"There were two things that inspired me. As a highly addicted chain smoker I felt a loss of physical condition when I turned 30. The consequence of many years of smoking become apparent. Every time I was running to catch a tram I was risking heart attack. But I was afraid to quit smoking. It was a part of my life and I couldn't imagine a life without cigarettes. I started to seek information about smoking, about the addiction and possible overcoming it. I found out something about social context of smoking. I was surprised to find out how many things are connected to the tobacco industry and how many people are making profit of it. It isn't limited to those producing and selling cigarettes. Very important figures are also the politicians."

"The film is a mixture of personal video-diary and documentary infotainment. In my video diary I'm trying to capture the anatomy of my addiction and ordeals brought by trying to quit smoking. Documentary infotainment I use to show how our state is dependent on smoking, what mechanisms are used to make people smoke and to get them to start smoking. My personal video-diary creates the story; the research of the political background of our most common addiction and our most common cause of death is connected to it. The main problems are not the producers of cigarettes, who are of course motivated by profit, but the state who creates the rules. The documentary wants to analyze the mechanisms of this, the way of how does it work here."

"I'm not trying to moralize in the film, I am not trying to tell smokers to quit smoking, I'm not trying to lead a holly war against smoking. Smokers don't live in a vacuum and the first decision to start smoking is a part of some social context. And that is what I am interested in. I'm trying to find out why is this deadly addiction so well accepted. I want to make people think about the way this addiction is presented - it is presented as freedom thanks to a great business strategy. I want to make people consider if the politicians really have the people's best interests in mind."

Stopáž: 52 minut – Rok výroby: 2013 – ST  AD  HD
Žánr: Dokument
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Ivo Bystřičan
Ivo Bystřičan


* 1980

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