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The film tells the story of two aviation journalists who found the remains of a giant Lancaster bomber, which was shot down during the bombing of Dresden in World War ii in the Krušné mountains. Thanks to a part of the tail rudder, they were able to identify the aircrew and contacted its members. They were British ad Canadian pilots. later on, they were able to meet some of them in person, first in Great Britain and later in Czechoslovakia under Communist supervision. They learned about the interesting story of six men who were shot down and fled from the German captivity to the Western front. Many years passed since. Only two pilots were left alive in 2005 to take part in the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the end of the war. They came to Prague full of expectations and memories. Joe was accompanied by his wife and numerous family while Clif came all alone as he was childless and his wife had passed away many years ago. Both took part in the rich programme in the company of their friends, former aviation journalists, attending a commemorative act at the Olšany cemetery and a parade at letná. On the day before their departure, they were to visit the place in Krušné mountains where their bomber was shot down. However, just before their departure, the almost ninety-year-old Clif died. His ill and lonely heart broke. The day before, he told us his beautiful life story on the camera. Shocked and mournful, Joe decided to continue his journey to the mountains, telling us the story of those cold days of war in the name of his deceased friend.

Stopáž: 28 minut – Rok výroby: 2011 – ST  HD
Žánr: Dokument
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