Velvet Divorce

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About the film

A few months after jettisoning Communism, the path was open to the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. This was completed at the turn of 1992 and 1993, when two new states emerged – Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.. Some people celebrated, some accepted the emergence of the new states with resignation, others with terrible grief. The brute strength of demagogy and populism motivated by personal interests succeeded in routing reason and decency, as so many times before in Europe in the twentieth century.

The structure of the film follows the course of landmark events from the Velvet Revolution of 1989 to the dissolution of the Czechoslovak state at the end of 1992 and how during this short time the mood changed in society. Today´s high school students, born in 1994, interviewed their parents and grandparents. What do they think about the dissolution? Next to them, other inhabitants of the former Czechoslovakia comment on the Velvet Divorce.

Stopáž: 76 minut – Rok výroby: 2014 – P  ST  AD  HD
Žánr: Dokument