Debbi, real name Deborah Kahl, is a singer of German extraction.

Aged 10, she moved from Dortmund to Prague. She had been living in Germany, because her Mom emigrated there with her family at age 14, and later found a German husband.

Aged 17, the singer first appeared in the first series of ‘Czecho-Slovak Superstar’, where she performed as Debbi Kahlová. She lost in the semi-finals, but had already caught the attention of producer Martin Ledvina and soon began putting together her first album.

The unmissable singer with a distinctive and hypnotic voice started her career with the hit “Touch The Sun”, which became the most played song of 2011 on Czech airwaves, and also won the prestigious ‘Angel Award’ in the ‘song of the year’ category. Another hit followed, the summer song “La, La”. The year after that, the singer assisted the rapper Lipa with his song ‘I am lying by your side’. This song also immediately became a big hit on the web and the radio, giving Debbi and her ‘ailing-sounding’ voice a permanent home in the top tier of Czech and Slovak Radio.

Her second studio album “Love, Logic & Will” (Spring 2013) received well-deserved accolades, including a nomination for ‘female vocalist of the year’ in the Angel Awards.

In 2017, she released her album “Break”, a success with both fans and critics – e.g. the website iReport rated the album as world class, offering a very compelling, refreshing version of pop.


Debbi – High On Love

Debbi – High On Love