Mikolas Josef

Mikolas Josef, today a composer, producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and director of music videos, grew up alternately in Prague and Znojmo. He now lives mainly in Vienna. He comes from a musical family. He’s been playing the guitar since he was 5. He graduated from the English High School in Prague, and although his study grades were good enough for him to go on to prestigious UK Colleges, he opted not to keep studying, but to get on with his musical career.

Aged 17, he won the highest meritorious award from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, the Gold Medal with distinction for solo acting. He has not taken up an acting career yet, though.

Just before embarking on his musical career, he spent a year working as an international model, for major global fashion brands. He cut his promising modelling career short, rejecting practices within the industry.

After leaving the modelling world, he headed to European cities including Oslo, Zurich, Hamburg, Vienna, and Prague, where he made a living as a street musician. After a year of travelling he invested his savings in his creative work, which in 2015 resulted in his first single and video-clip “Hands Bloody”.

He became better known to Czech fans after his second single “Free”. This song has been ranked the 4th most played local song in the Czech Republic (source: The single “Believe” held the top slot of the most prestigious Czech hit parade, the Evropa 2 music chart, for 3 weeks. After the Believe single, Mikolas moved to Vienna, invited there by the renowned European sound-mix engineer Nikodem Milewski, who later became, in Mikolas’ words, his ‘musical mentor’. Milewski, who works closely with the best in Europe, including Felix Jaehn, Sam Smith, Klangkarusell and many others, also worked with Mikolas on his latest single, “Lie to Me”.


Mikolas Josef – Lie To Me

Mikolas Josef – Lie To Me

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