Pavel Callta

Pavel’s family is musical to the core, his Mom was a great singer, and it seems every member of the family plays some instrument or other. Pavel started out on the piano, but soon moved on to the trumpet and then the guitar. This he stuck with, and is now inexorably linked with it. He wrote his first lyrics, ‘Song for you’ aged 16.

But it wasn’t all entirely straightforward. At 15 he started signing with the “Low AttenDance” Big Band in Česká Lípa, but gave that up, along with his trumpet, in favour of competitive swimming, which he did for many years. At that time, he opted for sport.

In 2008, he once again returned to making music, this time as a member of the Prague ska-reggae band “Unity”. He went on to be the frontman of the melodic pop-rock band “Sweeper”. In 2009, he enrolled at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory, under the leadership of Eduard Klezla. He left college after a year, however, preferring to study in New York, followed by another college in Antwerp, Belgium.

Pavel fully committed his life to to music after reaching the semi-finals in the ‘Czecho-Slovakia’s Got Talent 2011’ TV show, where he wowed at the keyboard with his great compositions “Hero” and “Apologize”. This was followed by his début Christmas single ‘In the Stars’ with more than a million views on YouTube, and a few weeks topping the Evropa 2 radio station “T-Music” chart.

The launch of his début album was marred by a family tragedy; the death of his father. The album was thus released a year later, under the name ‘Moments’. Recent hit singles include the ‘Therapist’ and the latest ‘We write our dream’ where Pavel, after a long musical break, is joined by none other than Leoš Mareš. This year, Pavel will be launching his second album, named ‘Touches’.


Pavel Callta – Never Forget

Pavel Callta – Never Forget