Eddie Stoilow

Even as a little boy, Jan Žampa, the frontman of the “Eddie Stoilow” band, was deeply steeped in music. His father, who played and sang with Miky Volek, Schelinger, and other Czech Big Beat greats, spent evenings teaching him to play guitar. He went to music school, but got expelled for doing everything purely by ear and not by reading notation, which was not allowed.

He set out on his own at 16 and played his first concert in Malta, where he was attending boarding school between 1991 and 1998.

After his return from Malta he was a guest beatboxer in the band Ian Sen, where he immediately took the place of their lead singer, after filling in for her with his excellent voice in flawless English. He never parted company with that band and has been its frontman for over fifteen years. In that time, apart from minor member changes, the band also changed its name to Eddie Stoilow, which, according to the actor Bob Klepl, is supposedly Armenian for ‘Cosmonaut’.

Apart from his role in Eddie Stoilow, Jan Žampa also composes film music, writes music for many other musicians and is often invited to sing the Czech national anthem at numerous major events.

Over the past two years the band has managed to release, in addition to the three radio singles “Sun Is Shining”, “Coming Home” and “Beautiful Wonderful”, a fourth Studio album entitled “Jupiter”, which was accompanied by the band’s most extensive foray yet, the Jupiter Tour 2016 nationwide throughout the Czech Republic.


Eddie Stoilow – We Rule This World

Eddie Stoilow – We Rule This World