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The First Republic III

První republika III

The series depicts the lives of the upper echelons of society that contributed most to shaping the First Republic and setting political and social standards. The fates of the characters, representing a variety of social classes, from the elite to workers and peasants, will intertwine with some important moments in Czechoslovak history. The events of the third series of this family saga take place between autumn 1930 and summer 1931. Thirteen new episodes contain criminal plots and a love triangle. Even the Valenta family have to adjust to the dangers of the era. They have to hold together more than ever before, as the portents are not good. The family villa in Podolí is occupied mainly by Jaroslav Valenta, Marie and Jaroslav’s younger brother Freddy. Irena is getting used to her new role as a wife, but remains cold toward Lippi. He is understanding and is not rushing her. Vladimír is again getting closer to Magdaléna, and their children are getting along. He, however, is not speaking with his brother Jaroslav, as he blames him and Marie for Klára’s death. Eliška is completing her medical studies, and her marriage with Vojta is happy. Jaroslav is handling the family rift badly. Marie tries to be the heart of the home, but she is also the cause of the discord, so she is not succeeding in bringing the family together. The stalemate ends when Vladimír accidentally drinks some poisonous alcohol.

The First Republic III

videotape-hdtv | 13 x 52´ | © 2018

director(s): Biser A. Arichtev
producer(s): Czech Television
scriptwriter(s): Jan Coufal
director of photography: Martin Schinabek

cast: J. Vyorálek, J. Koleník, K. Boková, V. Arichteva, S. Majer, K. Šafaříková, V. Polívka, A. Mišík and others

rights available: for part of the territories only
original language: Czech
subtitles available: English (parts 1, 7)

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