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Četníci z Luhačovic

A series of historical crime stories from the beginnings of the First (independent Czechoslovak) Republic, the time between the two World Wars, almost a century ago, described as we perhaps do not know it: as a stage in history when morals and criminality were influenced by the bloodiest war conflict ever. As a time when men were returning from the war front and were surprised by what they found at home, a time when black business was rampant, a monetary reform was carried out, and people were disillusioned by the new situation. And also a time when the public police had quickly get rid of their bad reputation as “Austria´s henchmen” - and so the main qualification of the commander assuming his duties in the town of Luhačovice is the fact that he speaks Czech. In the resulting chaos, two young probationers – Zdeněk Cmíral, of a family regarding themselves as the “upper crust”, and village orphan Martin Láska join his team. All they know about police work is they have learned in a preparatory course and what´s written in textbooks. And so they look round to see who could teach them something, and who they´d better be warry of. But they have little time to learn: they have hardly unpacked, and there´s the first case they will have to deal with…


videotape-hdtv | 12 x 83´ | © 2017

director(s): Biser A. Arichtev, Peter Bebjak, Dan Wlodarczyk
producer(s): Czech Television
scriptwriter(s): Petr Bok, Tomáš Feřtek
director of photography: Martin Schinabek, Martin Žiaran, Richard Řeřicha, Jiří Chod, Aleš Hart

cast: Pavel Zedníček, Robert Jašków, Karel Dobrý, Jiří Langmajer, Martin Donutil, Robert Hájek, Ondřej Malý, Pavla Tomicová, Ivana Korolová, Marek Holý, Igor Bareš, Lukáš Vaculík, Dana Batulková, Vica Kerekes and others

rights available: TV, Video, Internet
original language: Czech
subtitles available: English (parts 1, 5, 10)

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