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The Cage


A psychological drama with elements of a thriller about an unexpected meeting between a lonely pensioner and a youth claiming to be her distant relative. The pensioner – who, once upon a time, was the wife of an influential man, lived in a beautiful house and had a close friendship with a famous female race-car driver – now lives somewhere on the outskirts of Prague in a ground-floor apartment with a view of a courtyard, alone and abandoned by practically everyone. Her life revolves around visits from the postwoman who brings her pension and helping out at the local church. One of the last certainties in her life vanishes when the vicar is transferred elsewhere. At that moment, a good-natured youth enters into old Mrs Galová’s life. He tells her he is her distant relative. At long last, Mrs Galová experiences a truly pleasant afternoon. Chatting about common acquaintances and the young man’s gallantry brighten her life for a while. But soon Mrs Galová realises that something is not quite right. But what and why? A game of cate-and-mouse begins, but is not clear who in fact is the cat and who the mouse.

The Cage

videotape-hdtv | 87´ | © 2019

director(s): Jiří Strach
producer(s): Czech Television
scriptwriter(s): Marek Epstein
director of photography: Martin Šec

cast: Jiřina Bohdalová, Kryštof Hádek, Viktor Preiss, David Švehlík, Vilma Cibulková, Miroslav Etzler, Andrea Elsnerová, Barbora Munzarová, Jaromír Dulava, Pavel Kříž and others

rights available: TV, Video, Internet
original language: Czech
subtitles available: English

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