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Bear With Us

Chata na prodej

The parents are selling an old cottage for which they have no more use. But before handing it over to the new owner the mother decides to organise one last family knees-up. The other relations aren´t that keen, these get-togethers always tend to be strenuous. The grandfather is these days on another planet, the father also rejects these kind of events, the son is under the influence all the time and ironically assesses the world around him including the disintegrating relationship with his girlfriend. The grandmother is a specialist in sincere queries which embarrass all and sundry. An unbalanced daughter brings to the cottage her successful German boyfriend who is the only one looking forward to the visit as he is unaware of what he´s letting himself in for. The prospect of an idyllic weekend away from it all by a forest quickly dissolves, but a real adventure begins just before dawn when the family discovers that the grandfather has vanished. The clues lead to the forest…

Bear With Us

videotape-hdtv | 75´ | © 2018

director(s): Tomáš Pavlíček
producer(s): MasterFilm, Czech Television
scriptwriter(s): Tomáš Pavlíček, Lucie Bokšteflová
director of photography: Jan Baset Střítežský

cast: Ivana Chýlková, David Vávra, Tereza Voříšková, Judit Bárdos, Jana Synková, Jan Kačer, Jan Strejcovský, Michael Pitthan, Václav Kopta and others

rights available: TV, Video, Internet
original language: Czech
subtitles available: English

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