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Traveling for The Art of Watchmaking

Cesty za hodinářským uměním

People have wanted to measure time since time immemorial. There were sundials, candle clocks, where wax melted off a candle with a scale, and hourglasses. A watchmaking trade can be spoken of from the 14th century on. In this six-part documentary mini-series we set out to visit world-famous watchmaking companies that are still manufacturing, united by the fact that they produce their own timepieces. We uncover the circumstances of how famous watchmaking companies emerged in a given region, visit old watchmaking families, present archival materials and also take a look at places worth visiting on our journey into the world of watches. For example, we get acquainted with the history of the Czech watch brand PRIM, Swiss MOSER watches and the Japanese brand SEIKO.

Traveling for The Art of Watchmaking

videotape-hdtv | 6 x 40´ | © 2018, 2019

director(s): Jana Škopková
producer(s): Czech Television
scriptwriter(s): Jana Škopková
director of photography: Miroslav Vránek, Miroslav Šnábl, Vojtěch Polák

rights available: TV, Video, Internet
original language: Czech
subtitles available: English (part 1)

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