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The Family of Alois Rašín

Rodina Aloise Rašína

Alois Rašín was a Czechoslovak politician and economist, the first Czechoslovak minister of finance and functionary of the Czechoslovak National Democratic Party. He died from injuries suffered during an assassination attempt in 1923. Alois Rašín’s son Ladislav was a Czech politician and lawyer. The fate of these two important individuals of Czech history is recounted by Alois Rašín’s great-granddaughter Karolina Breitenmoser-Stransky in this historical docudrama. The personal diary, correspondence and even family films made in the 1930s by Ladislav Rašín himself, along with the commentary of the main storyline provided by Mrs Breitenmoser-Stransky, allow us to take a look at the dramatic lives of these two important historical figures. These personal documents are also a opportunity to get to know one of the Czech “founding fathers” as a human being with his own hopes and fears.

The Family of Alois Rašín

videotape-hdtv | 52´ | © 2018

director(s): Jiří Svoboda
producer(s): Czech Television
scriptwriter(s): Jiří Svoboda
director of photography: Viktor Smutný

cast: Luboš Veselý, Tereza Hofová, Kajetán Písařovic, Eva Josefíková, Janusz Hummel

rights available: TV, Video, Internet
original language: Czech

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