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Barbican: Forgotten Mission

Barbican: Zapomenutá mise

Nobody knew about the flight from Prague to London on January 12th, 1939 - until now. Even though more than fifty Jewish children from several European countries escaped the expanse of the Nazis aboard the two planes. And even though the legendary Sir Nicolas Winton was present. Nor he nor any historians from many museums around the world knew anything about the Barbican Mission. The authors of the documentary came across it thanks to the face of a small boy, who was being held by an unknown man in one photo from Prague airport and by Sir Nicolas Winton in another. Throughout their five years long search, the filmmakers came across footage from that fateful day in the US Holocaust Memorial Museum as well as records of the children who left their parents and flew into the unknown hidden away in the archives of the London based organization CWI. Thanks to these documents, they even managed to find two girls who escaped the extermination of Jews in Europe and even survived a German bomb falling on their home in London…

Barbican: Forgotten Mission

videotape-hdtv | 52´ | © 2018

director(s): Jiří František Potužník
producer(s): Czech Television, IAM PROLOG
scriptwriter(s): Jiří František Potužník
director of photography: Roman Vávra

cast: Sir Nicolas Winton, Ruth Bondy, Hana Popper, Inge Plitzka, Jehuda Bauer and others

rights available: TV, Video, Internet
original language: Czech
subtitles available: English

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