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Lea Vivot everywhere and nowhere

Lea Vivot všude a nikde

The story of Drahomíra, a girl who left Bohemia after a dismal childhood only to return years later as Lea, a renowned sculptress.In 1968 student Drahomíra waved goodbye to her brother on the main road heading west, and left behind a difficult childhood, problematic family relationships, a harsh upbringing at the hands of strangers, and an attempt at suicide. In the beginning she slept on benches, not knowing that a bench motif would feature in her future sculptures, those found today in New York, Acapulco, Florida, Toronto, Hong Kong, France, and elsewhere. She returns to Bohemia after many years, the same person she always was, and yet somehow different�home is everywhere and nowhere.

Lea Vivot everywhere and nowhere
Lea Vivot everywhere and nowhere

videotape | 40' | © 2001

director(s): Tomáš Gregor
producer(s): Czech Television
scriptwriter(s): Zdeněk Bouček, Tomáš Gregor
director of photography: Vladimír Skalský

original language: Czech
subtitles available: English version

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