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The Chimney-Sweep and the Pastry-Cook´s Daughter

O kominickém učni a dceři cukráře

The romantic fairy-tale is about an unloved orphan boy who achieved happiness through his own goodness, diligence and perseverance. After his parents’ death, the boy’s uncle apprenticed Tomas out to a chimney-sweep, master Dymal. He gave Tom a hard time and life with the Dymal family was an added burden he had to bear. But Tom was fast learner, even though he would so much have liked to become a baker like his father, from whom he had learned a lot during his early years. He was lucky – the local master pastry-cook noticed the boy’s diligence and took him in to be taught his craft. But Tom still had many a problem to resolve before he came into his own and also found a new home.

The Chimney-Sweep and the Pastry-Cook´s Daughter

videotape | 64´ | © 2007

director(s): Pavel Jandourek
producer(s): Czech Television
scriptwriter(s): Alena Bartošíková, Václav Holanec
director of photography: Asen Šopov

cast: Tomáš Materna, Adria Neubauerová, LibušeHavelková, Pavel Zedníček, Jana Janěková, Ivan Urbánek, Dita Kaplanová, Oldřich Hajlich and others

rights available: TV, Video, Internet
original language: Czech
subtitles available: English

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