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Kylián - Bridges of Time

Kylián - Mosty času

A recording of four first-class works by the world-renown Czech dancer and choreographer Jiří Kylián performed by the National Theatre Ballet for the first time. This ballet ensemble prepared this performance in honour of the famous choreographer Jiří Kylián, who is without a doubt a world dance icon. The evening will comprise four opuses: Symphony of Psalms, Bella Figura, Petite Mort and Six Dances. It was the SYMPHONY OF PSALMS, which Kylián created in 1978 for Nederlands Dans Theater to the music of Igor Stravinsky, that brought him worldwide fame. BELLA FIGURA was created in 1995 for Nederlands Dans Theater, and since then it has been considered an artistic milestone in Jiří Kylián’s works. Bella Figura means “beautiful body” in Italian, but also “keeping in shape”, which dancers have to do at all times. This inspired Kylián to immerse himself in the “dusk” – the boundary between performance for an audience and being alone with ourselves, between art and artifice and between dreams and reality. PETITE MORT had its world premiere at the Salzburg festival in 1991. It was also performed by the American Ballet Theatre Company in New York on 30 October 2003. The choreography was created for six women, six men and six foils. The swords take the place of flesh-and-bone dancers, and are often more stubborn and treacherous than people. The choreography for the SIX DANCES was created in 1999 and works with the idea that the dancers are marionets in a children’s play, an imaginary world constructed by Kylián after he read a collection of letters written by Mozart to his wife Constance – letters that are as playful and provocative as they are serious and desperate.

Kylián - Bridges of Time

videotape-hdtv | 96´ | © 2018

director(s): Martin Kubala
producer(s): Czech Television
director of photography: Jiří Myslík

cast: Choreography: Jiří Kylián

rights available: TV, Video, Internet
original language: Czech

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