Miki about himself

About his music:

„I want to have absolute control over the creation of a song; it’s not about wanting to have all the credits, but it’s about wanting my message not to be distorted. So that a fan playing a song would know that this is MY statement, MY EXPERIENCE. Authenticity is very important to me. That’s why I write everything myself, compose myself and direct my own video clips.“

About fashion:

„I love fashion, not the business surrounding it, but mixing and matching and expressing yourself through clothing. I like people who have their own style, which does not necessarily mean expensive brands, but it means understanding the details and having a feeling for composition and synergy, similarly as in music.“

About life before modeling:

„Before I started modeling, I used to make a living in different ways. Before I started to busk full-time, I tried it out here in our country a few times. I also cleaned offices and worked on construction sites as a laborer, in order to earn money for my own studio. One time, I cleaned a professional recording studio four times a month, and I had the studio for myself one day in the month.“

About artist’s responsibility:

„I think that every artist who has a hit and is followed by a lot of people has a huge responsibility. They do not necessarily have to tell people what to do; that responsibility is not about this; it is that they have an obligation to be sincere toward them. So that they know that the experience that the artist is offering through the music is truly authentic and the artist’s own. What people then do with this is their own business.“

About his taste in music:

„I don’t have any distinctive taste; I love creative artists who try to set trends in both the sound and the overall direction that their music goes in. I love new brash artists, but also traditional high-quality genre musicians. I listen to everything from Country through Heavy Metal to the most mainstream Pop.“

About music videos:

„Today, video clips do not make any profit, they are just a creative visual complement to the song that helps to tell the story. Still, I am very fond of making them and it is a challenge for me to do a lot of music for a few crowns. The artist is at his most creative when he has to find a way to overcome a certain problem, whether a financial one or even a personal one seemingly unrelated to the production.“

About what he would do if he wasn't a musician:

„If I did not or could not make music, I would probably do anything creative. I have the ability to create something out of nothing, to sit down over blank paper, in front of lectern in my studio, or on the director‘s chair, and know that a minute ago, there was no text, song or video clip and then create it somehow.”

About Eurovision:

„I think it’s a shame that so many people hate on Eurovision. Of course, I understand the criticism that this or that song may not be great and contemporary, but at the same time Eurovision offers unrivalled diversity and shows where the country is in the mainstream. Someone is trying to be contemporary, someone else is a few years behind the trend, but that’s just the way it is. I don’t see Eurovision so much as a competition, but rather as a presentation of where the country is musically at a given moment and where it has shifted in the course of the year or is shifting.”