Mikolas Josef


narozen 4. října 1995

Mikolas Josef is a musical composer, producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and director of music videos. His father is part Austrian and his mother’s ancestors come from Germany and Italy. His father is a great aficionado of Habsburg history; therefore, he named his youngest child Mikolas Josef according to the example of Franz Josef. He is the youngest of three siblings. He grew up alternately between Prague and Znojmo, now living mostly in Vienna where he is working on his musical career. He comes from a musical family. He started playing the guitar at the age of five. He graduated from an English grammar school in Prague, and although his study results would have enabled him to study at prestigious English universities, he decided not to continue in his studies and to devote himself to his musical career.

At the age of seventeen, he received the highest possible award from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, a gold medal with a distinction for solo acting. Just before his musical career, he spent a year working as an international model, working for Prada, Replay, Diesel, etc. But he ended his career because of disagreement with practices in the modeling world.

After leaving the world of modeling, he headed to European metropolises, such as Oslo, Zurich, Hamburg, Vienna, but also to Prague, where he worked as a street musician. After a year of traveling, he invested the money he had earned into his work, and he could debut with his first single and music video „Hands Bloody“ in 2015.

Josef entered the wider consciousness of Czech fans with his second single, „Free“. This song was the fourth most played domestic song in the Czech Republic (source: IFPI.cz). The single „Believe“ stayed for three weeks at the top of the most prestigious Czech hit parade, the Europe 2 music chart. After the single „Believe“, Josef moved to Vienna, where he was invited by the famous European mix engineer Nikod Milewski, who later, according to Mikolas‘s words, became his musical mentor.

At the age of 21, he also managed to direct music videos for foreign major recording companies. For example, for German Warner Music he created a visual for the song „Eye of the Tiger“ - Chris Meid (featuring Tabor and Phyne).

Sport is one of Mikolas’ main hobbies. In 2006 – 2009 he intensively devoted himself to skateboarding and freestyle snowboarding. In 2008, he participated in the most prestigious Czech competition Snow Jam. Now he devotes himself to martial arts - in childhood judo, now boxing, and that under the leadership of leading Czech coach Filip Miňovský. He has also attended a Thai boxing training course at Khao Lak Training Camp on Phuket Island. He has been a member of the gymnastics club SK Hradčany from the age of 15 and also devotes himself to breakdance. For relaxation, he also likes to ride on horseback, and in his own words, music most often attacks him when driving a car on long journeys.