International Television FestivalGolden Prague 19. – 22. SEPTEMBER 2018 Prague | The New Stage National Theatre


  • 3 - Ich armer Mensch Performing Arts

    Ich armer MenschIch armer Mensch

    Ich armer Mensch

    19th april 2018

    Organization The Eel House

    Coproducer(s) Milena Georgieva Bastian Wipling August Schram

    Country Austria

    Director Bastian Wipling

    Camera Steven Heyse

    Duration 17


    A man, caught in a vicious circle of self-accusation and self-pity, tries to find relief by surrendering to a higher entity. J. S. Bach's Cantata No. 55 and the centuries old tradition of Kinbkaku, the Japanese art of Bondage are soundtrack and visualization of the painful journey through the man's day and his mind.

  • 2 - Nijinsky - A Ballet by John Neumeier Performing Arts

    Nijinsky - A Ballet by John NeumeierNijinsky - A Ballet by John Neumeier

    Nijinsky - A Ballet by John Neumeier

    19th april 2018

    Organization C Major Entertainment GmbH

    Coproducer(s) NHK, NDR, arte, Hamburgische Staatsoper, The Hamburg Ballet - John Neumeier, Signed Media

    Country Germany

    Director Thomas Grimm


    Duration 135


    Nijinsky“ is a “choreographic approach“ to a dance phenomenon that has been part of Neumeier‘s life ever since the beginning of his career. During his approximately ten years as a dancer, Vaslav Nijinsky (1889-1950) set a new standard both technically and expressively, while in his choreographic work he pointed the way towards modern dance. All three aspects - the dancer, the choreographer and the person Nijinsky - form the starting point for John Neumeier‘s creation.

  • 1 - MSTISLAV ROSTROPOVICH, the indomitable bow Documents about music, dance and theatre

    MSTISLAV ROSTROPOVICH, the indomitable bowMSTISLAV ROSTROPOVICH, the indomitable bow

    MSTISLAV ROSTROPOVICH, the indomitable bow

    09th april 2018

    Organization Ideale Audience


    Country France

    Director Bruno Monsaingeon


    Duration 80


    Rostropovich, who had already achieved international recognition in the 1950s, was forced to flee his country in 1972. He defended Solzhenitsyn who was expelled from the USSR for having published the “Gulag archipelago”. Deprived from of his citizenship by the Soviet authorities, Rostropovich settled in Paris and Washington. This gave birth to his legend. To tell this extraordinary story, Bruno Monsaingeon’s film gathers rare archives and new testimonies from his daughters, Olga and Elena Rostro




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