International Television Festival Golden Prague 27 - 30 SEPTEMBER 2017 Prague | The New Stage National Theatre


Festival Basics

Who’d Want to Go to Cannes, When It Is Possible to Go to Prague…

Do you like film, music, dance, and theatre, but neither Cannes nor Glastonbury nor Karlovy Vary fits in your schedule for this year? We have a solution for you. One of the oldest, most traditional, and most prestigious European art festivals, Golden Prague.

There is no other place, where you could see the best and newest world films from the fields of classical music, contemporary music, jazz and world music, recordings and television performances of operas, theatre performances, ballets, and modern dance performances in such a high number and all at one place. Many of them even before their television premiere. If you also take into account the environment of the New Scene of the National Theatre, home of the world-known Laterna Magika, which hosts the Golden Prague festival from 27th to 30th September, then it is most likely obvious that you simply can’t miss this festival.

Or do you still hesitate? Then how about an invitation for the accompanying program, which includes workshops, previews of dance, and activities for the visitors who might be small in terms of their age, but big in their love for art. Last year, the entire piazzetta of the National Theatre swayed to the rhythm of salsa, and if you didn’t sway with it, you have some catching up to do this year. Or do you prefer long evenings full of dance and nights spent by dancing?

Do you still hesitate whether to visit Prague in the last days of the Indian summer, when it is most colourful and most magical? Don’t hesitate! Last year, the Czech metropolis was enjoyed by the prima ballerina Daria Kliment and the Bubeníček brothers. And because the word of mouth spreads fast, this year, this main autumn cultural event will be visited by such stars as Adam Plachetka or Štefan Margita.

So if you are no stranger to art, there is no other place to be at the end of September than at the New Stage. Remember that Prague will be "Golden" from 27th to 30th September, 2017.




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