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Competition programme

20 – Facing Agrippina
Documentary programmes dedicated to music and dance

Facing Agrippina

Competitor (Entrant) SPOTLIGHT production company

Co-producer SPOTLIGHT production company

Competitor’s country Bulgaria

Director Nayo Titzin

Camera Nayo Titzin

Duration 56

Where can a mother obsessed by the desire of power go? Are there any unacceptable means in the political world? How can people be manipulated? Does the end justify the means? "Facing Agrippina" is a documentary in which the Grammy award winning conductor René Jacobs, the designer Christian Lacroix, the French director Vincent Boussard, the soprano Alexandrina Pendatchanska and rest of the cast transform the search for answers to the issues of rule and power in a paradise for the senses. The director Nayo Titzin guides us through Händel's music across the halls of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden in Berlin, discovers the marble busts of the main characters in the halls of the Louvre and finally accepts the challenge to face Agrippina.

  • Competitor (Entrant) Competitor (Entrant)
  • Co-producer Co-producer
  • Competitor’s country Competitor’s country
  • Director Director
  • Camera Camera
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