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Competition programme

93 – Pictures Reframed
Music on the TV screen

Pictures Reframed

Competitor (Entrant) NRK

Co-producer EMI /IMG

Competitor’s country Norway

Director Torstein Vegheim

Camera Norunn Helene Knotten

Duration 36min

Acclaimed Norwegian pianist Leif Ove Andsnes and visionary fine artist Robin Rhode join forces to re-invent Mussorgsky's romantic masterpiece "Pictures at an Exhibition". Together they have created a performance, a journey and a new work of art unlike any other. This performance was filmed during Andsnes' own chamber music festival in Risør, Norway in June 2009. "I was totally knocked out - it exceeded my wildest dreams; it's an extraordinary achievement. These are artists of equal weight, both with strong voices" (Jane Moss - Lincoln Center)

  • Competitor (Entrant) Competitor (Entrant)
  • Co-producer Co-producer
  • Competitor’s country Competitor’s country
  • Director Director
  • Camera Camera
  • Duration Duration

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