3. 4. 2004 The Jury of the International Federation of Film Societies IFFS at the festival Finále Plzeň gives its Don Quijote award to Sentiment.

Don Quijote Award:
"This is a film which exemplifes what Czech cinema can be at it's new zenith. Fashioned by Hejtmánek it absorbs you into the world of Vláčil trought a virtuoso performance by Kodet. Exemplary cinematogrphy combines with wistful dialogue to produce an unmateched emotional connection to tho central character."
Hraje Jiří Kodet - v kinech od 6. 11. 2003 - Film inspirovaný setkáním s režisérem Vláčilem a jeho filmy
  About the Film - SENTIMENT - Petr Kubica

- A word, a record, a screenplay: How to build one's text, which suddenly becomes strange, to provide the direction of one's thinking with the power of cogency - the inner, conscious and unconscious motivations can be anything, but a directed interview is a certain objective fact, its effects; how to satisfy the inner truth and, at the same time, describe the loneliness that leads to it, how to maintain the language that is in harmony sism - a documentary film as a literary dream, a dream that exist in writing and has the order of a feature film. Perhaps a documentary that knowingly overlaps both, but attempts to bring the real images, the very images that arise from within ourselves. -

- A film essay inspired by the intimate relationship of Tomas Hejtmanek with the director František Vláčil, a legend of the Czech cinematography. Hejtmáneks's original intention was to capture a meeting, to follow the path of Vláčil's films, to recollects the memories of people who collaborated with Vláčil; an interview with the director was meant to form the film's foundation. However, the death of Vláčil changed the original plan. The words, interviews and original work remained. The profile had to be changed completely, at the same time however, it was to maintain the same kind of movement, its internal structure and a mutual dependence. The documentary is a fusion of reminiscence, feature film and a documentary. It is also a multiple citation honoring thinking, feeling and the creative process. The actor Jiří Kodet portrays Vláčil in the film. In fact, Kodet represents the director throughout the whole piece, with the only deviation being a different face, not a difference in the language. The documentary uses Vláčil's language of film. The homage is an emulation, a perfect combination of original footage with sequences from Vláči's works. No biography or a profile, but an autobiography trough an interview, a continuation of the original confession. What makes this film original is the attempt to make the transfer and the fundamental transgression of the framework of a mere profile as a biographical note. The film's goal is not to find out… The audience has to know beforehand, they have to enter the film knowing the work of Vláčil, the layers of images and sound traces. They should be familiar with the life of the director: in order to become stronger by seeing the film, the audience has to be aeare of the presence of certain elements, of the rate and the manner in which they are used and connected with other elements which absorb them and limit them, and of the unique features the given style uses form this heritage.

Petr Kubica - IDFF Jihlava

Tomas Hejtmanek (Director, Producer)
born in 1971.
Between 1990 and 1997 he studied at FAMU in Prague - Department of Documentary Films, where in 1993 he produced the film One Hundredth inspired by the life and work of graphic designer and painter Vladimír Boudník. In 1992 he was at the internship at French Montpellier. In 1995 he was accepted to the Royal College of Art in London (film and TV), however, he did not start studying. Between 1994 and 1996 he worked on the film Anna and since 1997 on the full length film Sentiment.

Jedna setina / One Hunderedth (1993)
Mediaschool 94, Lodge - Grand Prix;
Art Film Festival Trenčianské Teplice, Slovakia - main prize in the category "On the Road";
Mediawave, Hungary - Special Prize of the Jury;
Festival International du Film sur l´art, Montreal - Prize for Creativity;
Academia film Olomouc - Prize of Evald Schorm and Prize of the Students' Jury;
Independent Film Days, Augsburg (Germany) - International Scholarship for Young Film Talents

Sentiment / Sentiment (2003)
IFDF Jihlava - The Best Central European Documentary Film

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