The story

A comedy about students, teachers, parents, and graffiti

A pedantic physics teacher (Milan Šteindler), inflexible Czech teacher (Jiří Schmitzer), shallow gym teacher (Martin Zbrožek), ecological art teacher (Tomáš Matonoha), and worldly principal (Eva Holubová) mold their poor students as they see fit. Thus, few of the kids get anything out of the experience, let alone enjoy it.

Petr (Tomáš Vorel jr.) and Michal (Jiří Mádl) would rather not go to school. When they do show up they sleep through their classes because they’ve been out spraying graffiti the night before. Besides girls, graffiti is the only thing they enjoy: dangerous outings across rooftops, illegal excursions into the heart of the subway, a dramatic climb up a factory smokestack… The risk of getting caught and the inevitable police chases create a tension in the film that is both entertaining and nerve-racking. So it’s no wonder that their helpless parents (Zuzana Bydžovská, Tomáš Hanák, Jan Kraus, Ivana Chýlková) are at their wits’ end and sometimes, in the interest of having their mischievous kids graduate, join forces with the teachers.