A Documentary Hyper-Comedy. A film about the hypermarket that didn't exist...They built a fake hypermarket. They fooled thousands of people. Why did they do it?
czech dream: Vit Klusak & Filip Remunda
Winner of San Francisco film festival - Best documentary featureGenius! - Morgan Spurlock, Supersize Me Exhilarating - Michael Moore

CZECH DREAM in American cinemas NOW!CZECH DREAM in American cinemas NOW!

June 15-July 5 at IFC Center, New York
July 6-12 at Anthology Film Archives, New York
July 13-19 at Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT
July 24-26 at Guild, Albuquerque, NM
July 27-28 at Wexner Art Center, Columbus, OH

Michael Moore talks about CZECH DREAM (mov video 11.7MB)

September 7-13 at Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, WA
September 21-27 at Facets Cinematheque, Chicago, IL
September 7-13 at Grande 4 Laemmle Theater, Los Angeles, CA
September 27-29 at Cornell Cinema, Ithaca, NY
October 4 at ICA Boston, MA

"An original, cheeky treatise on capitalism, with more than a whiff of exploitation, "Czech Dream" follows two film students who used a state grant to promote the opening of an entirely fictitious big-box mega-market in a Prague field. The resulting scandal, alternately hilarious and discomfiting, illuminates the waking nightmare of consumerism in a country still adjusting to the strengths and pitfalls of the concept."

Eddie Cockrell, Variety

"It may well be the funniest European film of the year"

"...this year's Karlovy Vary offered solid fare with few revelations, perhaps closest was Czech Dream…"
Dan Fainaru, Screen International

"This year 's best Czech film was the unclassifiable documentary Czech Dream"
Peter Hames, Sight & Sound

"The best doc - Czech Dream, a stunt film that would make Michael Moore and Morgan Spurlock proud."
Wendy Mitchell / indieWIRE.

"Czech Dream (the film and the concept) is an ingenious affair"

In the Press Club programme of radio Frekvence 1 the former president Václav Havel said about CZECH DREAM: "In my opinion, the film is really very good. If some people reproach it for being based on a lie or for deceiving people, then I have to say that such could apply to all films by Miloš Forman and that that's the way things are. If we want to get to the core of a certain problem, we have to be tough in the interest of a good thing."